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General Public and Non-Commercial Vehicles*: Mon-Fri, 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
*See Landfill Restrictions below.

Non-Transfer Commercial Account Vehicles:
Mon-Fri, 6:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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Mon-Fri, 6:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
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Landfill Restrictions

No Hazardous Waste is Accepted at Toland Road Landfill

The Toland Road Landfill is open only to residents of the Santa Clara Valley and commercial loads processed through a Ventura County transfer station or materials recycling facility. Users may be required to show proof of residency or vehicle registration within 93015, 93016, 93060, 93061, or 93040 ZIP Codes. No other direct haul loads can be accepted.

Only municipal solid waste is accepted at the landfill. All waste loads are subject to detailed inspection for hazardous materials. Please contact your city for Household Hazardous Waste Program information.

Illegal dumping at the landfill is a violation of the law, which may result in a fine. To report illegal dumping after hours call
(805) 658-4655.

For more information, contact the Toland Road Landfill Scalehouse at 3500 Toland Road, Santa Paula, CA 93060, or call
(805) 658-4685 or (805) 525-8217.
Regulatory Agencies
Toland Road Landfill is managed by the Ventura Regional Sanitation District with oversight by the County Planning Division. Review agencies, who work hand-in-hand with the Planning Department, include the Agricultural Commissioner; Air Pollution Control District; Environmental Health Division; Fire Department; Public Works Agency; Solid Waste Management Department; Flood Control District; California Integrated Waste Management Board; California Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources; Regional Water Quality Control Board; and United Water COnservation District.
Governing Documents
Toland Road Landfill operates under a strict Conditional Use Permit (CUP) with 88 conditions and 285 sub-clauses that outline parameters for landfill operations and restrictions. Other documents and permits governing the landfill's operation include an Environmental Impact Report, Planning Fee Resolutions, and the Ventura County Ordinance Code (as regulated by the County of Ventura)); the NPDES, Waste Discharge Requirement, and Storm Water Permit (as regulated by the Regional Water Quality Control Board); the Solid Waste Facility Permit (as regulated by the Local Enforcement Agency); the Uniform Fire Code Permit (as regulated by the Ventura County Fire Department); and the California Code of Regulations (as regulated by the State of California).
Required Plans and Programs
Plans and programs required by Toland’s CUP are comprehensive and rigorous. For example, the requirement for Dust Suppression comprises 13 separate elements including requirements to pave high-use roads on site, vacuum them, and water unpaved roads. Toland staff have developed and maintain over 25 full-scale plans and programs in response to CUP requirements. Landfill employees continue to seek out and implement even better solutions and operations, continually upgrading and refining these required programs and adding others not required by the oversight agencies.

Required Plans & Programs include:

- Emergency Procedures Plan (Condition 78)
- Final Postclosure Maintenance Plan (Condition 2)-
- Grading Plan (Condition 50)
- Nighttime Lighting Plan (Condition 81)
- Refuse Area Drainage Plan (Condition 51)
- Stockpile Plan (Condition 52)
- Water Conservation Plan (Condition 54)
- Agricultural Pest Control Program (Condition 75)
- Archaeological/Cultural Resource Protection Program (Condition 83)
- Biological Resource Protection Program (Condition 82)
- Bird Control Program (Condition 76)
- Compressed Natural Gas/Low Emissions Vehicle Program (Condition 68)
- Cortese Mitigation Monitoring Program (Condition 88)
- Dust Suppression Program (Condition 67)
- Emissions Mitigation Program (Condition 68)
- Fire Protection Program (Condition 69)
- Gas Well Monitoring Program
- Groundwater Monitoring Program (Condition 53)
- Hazardous Waste Diversion Program (Condition 77)
- Leachate Monitoring Program (Condition 53)
- Load Check (Hazardous Waste Diversion) Program (Condition 77)
- Noise Abatement Program (Condition 42)
- Odor Control Program (Condition 66) 
- On-Site Litter Control Program (Condition 73)
- Paleontological Resource Protection Program (Condition 84)
- Roadway Litter/Illegal Dumping Control Program (Condition 74)
- Toxic Constituent Monitoring Program (HHW) (Condition 65)
- Traffic Mitigation Program (Condition 79)
- Vector/Nuisance/Pest Control Program (Condition 75)
- Waste Diversion Compliance Program (Condition 44)

Extended commercial disposal hours for exceptional circumstances are subject to prior approval by VRSD management. Site is subject to unscheduled closure due to high winds, inclement weather, and tonnage limits (signs will be posted on Highway 126 notifying of closure). Contact scalehouse for closure information (805) 658-4685.
Facilities Open for Saturday Disposal

Gold Coast Recycling Center, Inc.:
5275 Colt Street, Ventura (805) 642-9236

Del Norte Recycling & Transfer Station:
111 S Del Norte Rd, Oxnard (805) 385-8060

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About Us
Our Services
Board of Directors
Toland Optimization Plan
Ventura Regional Sanitation District has undertaken a project to optimize the current and future use of the Toland Road Landfill.

As part of our efforts to keep the public informed of progress on the Toland Optimization Plan (TOP), we will post current information on this website.

Click here for TOP information.