High-Quality Services that Meet Budgets and Exceed Expectations

With more than 50 years of experience, the Ventura Regional Sanitation District has the staff, the resources, and the expertise to meet virtually any sanitation or water-related need that a city, utility district, or private entity in Ventura County might have. From ongoing operation and maintenance of water supply and wastewater treatment systems to provision of highly specialized one-time services, VRSD is the smart choice for quality and value.

Our clients rely on us for a variety of custom-tailored services.
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Pipeline Cleaning & Inspection

Hidden beneath the streets, sewer pipelines are an unseen, yet vital, part of a community's infrastructure. Like any other essential system, sewer lines require regular maintenance to function properly. Sewer pipelines are subject to breakage, water infiltration, root intrusion, and grease build-up, all of which can lead to poor performance, dangerous sewage back-ups, and costly repairs.

VRSD can help prevent such problems or correct them in their early stages. Our trained, experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean sewer lines, remove blockage-causing debris, and identify potential trouble spots, all without costly and time-consuming excavation.

Our clients rely on us for:

  • Regular line cleaning and inspection
  • Sewer manhole and lateral inspection
  • Wet well and grit chamber cleaning
  • Grease build-up removal
  • Lateral locating
  • Root abatement
  • High-pressure wash-down

Electrical & Instrumentation Repair

Today's water and wastewater facilities rely on advanced technologies to meet their operational needs. From flow meters to dissolved oxygen probes, technology has made reporting simpler and more accurate, thereby increasing plant operating efficiency.

Electrical systems form the backbone of all this advanced technology, and expert maintenance and repair is critical to extending the useful life of these systems. Factors such as water, heat, humidity, corrosion, and vibration can cause serious problems if left unchecked.

VRSD's technical professionals can help. Whether it's installing new equipment, upgrading control systems, or performing routine maintenance, our experts can meet your electrical and instrumentation needs.

In addition to our normal preventive and corrective maintenance services, VRSD offers 24-hour emergency availability throughout Ventura County.

Our clients count on VRSD for:

  • Equipment installations
  • Instrument calibration
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Equipment troubleshooting and repair
  • Process evaluation
  • Control system upgrades

Mechanical Maintenance/Installation

Mechanical maintenance forms the foundation of effective, cost-efficient equipment operation. VRSD's comprehensive approach to maintaining water and wastewater equipment includes a complete preventive maintenance program.

VRSD's well-trained, experienced technicians are experts at troubleshooting problem systems. Our mechanics can handle most any need, including initial equipment installations, system repair, in-depth evaluations, and recommendations for future projects.

Mechanical maintenance services include:

  • Equipment evaluations
  • Computerized maintenance tracking
  • Repairs and tune-ups
  • Standard and laser alignment
  • Equipment installation
  • Troubleshooting
  • Monthly reporting

Manhole Rehabilitation

The manholes in your community serve an essential function: providing access to the sewer system for visual inspection and periodic maintenance. They are, however, susceptible to deterioration over time, which can lead to significant and costly problems.

VSRD has a solution: manhole rehabilitation. Our trained, experienced technicians, using the latest and superior materials, can add years of useful life to aging, failing manholes. We help clients identify and take care of small problems before they turn into big ones.



Industrial Painting & Coating

The preservation and maintenance of equipment coatings is critical for longevity and appearance. Damage caused by prolonged exposure to sun, wind, rain, coastal weather conditions, hazardous atmosphere, and age can cause equipment and structures to deteriorate before your investment has reached its full useful life expectancy.

Proper corrosion control can stop this deterioration and save you valuable capital investment dollars. VRSD's painting and coating professionals are trained and certified in procedures designed to protect your steel, aluminum, and concrete structures and equipment.

VRSD industrial coating specialists can rehabilitate and refurbish existing structures and equipment, adding years to their useful lives and saving thousands of dollars in unneeded early replacement expense.

VRSD's protective coating services include:

  • Complete renovation projects
  • Sand and water blasting
  • Concrete rehabilitation
  • Multi-part coating systems
  • Polybrid coatings
  • Epoxy and grout injection
  • Rust inhibitors

Water System Operations

VRSD operates Oak Park Water Service under contract with the Triunfo Sanitation District. Our team of state-certified water distribution professionals is dedicated to providing courteous, responsive service to meet the community's potable and reclaimed water needs.

Oak Park Water Service receives 100 percent of its potable water supply from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California via Calleguas Municipal Water District. This supply is managed through a carefully designed and regularly maintained system of reservoirs, pumping stations, and pipelines.

Assistance with service- or billing-related issues is just a phone call away, and we are proud to maintain active water conservation and public outreach programs.

Wastewater Collection & Treatment

Federal, state, and local regulations governing wastewater treatment have never been more stringent. The regulatory compliance process can be particularly daunting for small cities, utility districts, and private entities with limited financial and human resources.

This is especially true in cases where older septic systems are causing problems (such as groundwater contamination) and need to be regularly monitored, or replaced with newer, more effective treatment technology.

VRSD has the professional, certified staff with the necessary expertise to solve such issues. From simple groundwater monitoring to design, operation, and maintenance of complex wastewater treatment systems, we do it all and we do it right.

A partial list of available services from VRSD:

  • Full treatment plant operation and maintenance
  • Equipment/process evaluations
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Treatment system design and construction
  • Industrial waste monitoring
  • Field data collection and reporting

Environmental Monitoring

Today, regulatory compliance requirements governing municipal sewage and stormwater systems are more complex than ever. Cities, sanitation districts, and businesses face mounting pressure to deal with federal, state, and local water quality regulations. This complexity, coupled with the urgent need to control costs, can quickly stretch internal resources to the breaking point.

VRSD has the answer: let us help you meet your environmental monitoring responsibilities. For one contract fee, we will tailor a program to meet your specific needs. You can focus on what you do best, knowing your water-related regulatory compliance needs are in capable hands.

Our team of trained, certified specialists can effectively address your environmental monitoring requirements, such as inspections, sampling, watershed analysis, illicit discharge response, and public education.

Look to VRSD for:

  • NPDES permit compliance assistance
  • Field inspection and reporting services
  • Policy and procedure development
  • Public outreach/education

Technical and Administrative Services

The VRSD team includes a diverse group of dedicated technical and administrative professionals. Our staff is available to assist with a wide variety of routine and special projects in the solid waste, water, and wastewater fields.

  • Customer billing and collection
  • Professional staff augmentation
  • Permit application and processing
  • Environmental engineering services
  • Grant writing and applications
  • Systems analysis
  • Specification development
  • Process evaluation
  • Biosolids processing
  • Water reclamation
  • Wastewater design and engineering
  • Inspection services
  • Public outreach and education